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Area 52 franchise

The provider of the biggest Trampoline Park in Eastern Europe!

The most successful franchises are based on a number of factors, but we know the minimum requirements are the transfer of knowledge, expertise and best practice, along with having clear and frequent communication and support between the franchisee and franchisor. If you have the energy, desire and willingness to provide non-stop adrenalin filled fun for all ages in your community then we will be delighted to invite you to become part of our family at Area 52.

About Area 52

We believe in fully inclusive entertainment for Children and Adults alike. Trampoline Parks provide the platform for this, along with great family interactive moments, whether that’s through normal jump tickets, or hosting your Child’s Birthday Party in one of our venues.

Area 52 is always researching and finding new ways to ensure the evolution of our venues, making sure that our Customers never get bored, providing activity as a regular part of their leisure time. Standing still is not an option.


Area 52 Trampoline Parks will be the prominent European trampoline parks brand, consisting of exciting fun safe venues in most European Cities, as well as fashionable merchandise, comic books and a variety of other fun activities. It creates new ways to have fun, to be healthy, and to be connected with family, colleagues and friends.